You Can’t Have Bumper Stickers Without Bumpers

You Can’t Have Bumper Stickers Without Bumpers

You Can’t Have Bumper Stickers Without Bumpers

Who hasn’t noticed a variety of clever or kitschy bumper stickers when they’ve been sitting in the car while stuck in traffic? And, while sitting there in traffic, quite a few of you probably thought you could do better than the bumper stickers you were seeing and started thinking about creating a decal of your own. 

You may have been too busy thinking about having your own bumper stickers printed, to give much thought to something that is absolutely essential to every bumper sticker. Yes, the adhesive is essential (by the way, did you know that we can help you create decals that are removable thanks to a special type of adhesive?), but before anyone could even think about how they were going to stick their message on the bumper of their car, there had to be a bumper. 

The Humble Bumper 

Most of us have, at one time or another, probably pasted a couple of what we hoped were clever stickers on the bumpers of our own cars. Unless you’ve been in an accident, that’s probably about the only time you’ve really given much thought to your bumper. The often-overlooked bumper is a really important part of your car, though – even if you’re not looking for a place to put a decal

“Of all the features outside your car, few are more important than bumpers,” Bradon Badell wrote on the blog for Badell’s Collision. “Acting as a barrier against the impact from other vehicles, bumpers are essential to the survival of your car and the wellbeing of everyone inside it during a crash.” 

The earliest drivers didn’t have the protection a bumper offers. “Automobiles emerged on the scene in 1885, but bumpers didn’t start appearing on them until around 1915. When they did appear, they were almost entirely decorative. The earliest bumpers were extremely thin and straight, consisting of a painted strip of metal. They were mounted in the front of the vehicle, but not in the back,” Brandon says.

The next time you go to affix a bumper sticker to the rear of your car or simply admire a sticker on someone else’s car, maybe you will give a silent word of thanks for the humble bumper that keeps you safe and gives you a place to put that awesome decal you create.

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