Tell Your Story with Stickers

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Tell Your Story with Stickers

We are always delighted when we find somebody who seems to love stickers and decals. (It’s hard to find folks who love stickers quite as much as we do here at Create a Decal, but we never give up hope!) 

Stuck on Books

Recently, we discovered Kelly Jensen, a former librarian and a long-time blogger. Writing for Bookriot, Kelly said, “I’ve leaned far into stickers lately, and more specifically, I’ve found a deep love for vinyl stickers as a way to commemorate things. After a trip to a couple of national parks, I found picking up their official vinyl stickers an economical and practical souvenir.”

Well sure, lots of people buy stickers and decals – and then, sadly, they will sit in a drawer somewhere. Kelly proudly displays hers. “I’ve been adhering them to my laptop case and my planner, and even though my water bottles are too pretty to cover up, I’ve seen other folks layer their stickers on their rehydration devices,” she says. 

She also has taken up using stickers as a way to communicate her passion. Her favorite stickers, aside from the ones she has picked up on her travels, have to do with books. “Naturally, I’ve fallen deep down the hole of bookish stickers in my newfound love for all things decorative and sticky,” she admitted, before sharing some of her favorites.

Do you have stickers on your laptop, backpack, bike, car, scooter or water bottle that let people know the kinds of things that are important to you? (Let us know if you have other good suggestions for where to display your stickers.) If you would like to start a sticker habit, you have come to the right place! We can help you design and print stickers that will help you express yourself – either permanently, if you are ready to commit, or in a removable sticker, just in case.

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