Stuck on Candy Corn

Stuck on Candy Corn, Create a Decal

Stuck on Candy Corn

When did people start picking on candy corn? Admitting you like the stuff is tantamount to saying you like doing the housework. Well, here at Create a Decal, we are going to proudly stand up for candy corn.

Candy corn has history, folks. As the  National Confectioners Association reports, “According to legend, a Wunderlee Candy Company employee named George Renninger invented the confection in the 1880s. The Goelitz Candy Company (now Jelly Belly Candy Company) started producing candy corn around the turn of the century and continues the tradition today.”

In fact, they make a version of candy corn for Valentine’s Day, the spring holidays and Christmas, as well as the Halloween season. Now why would the folks at Jelly Belly make all that candy corn if nobody liked it?

Candy by the Numbers

According to Candy Store’s definitive ranking of the best and worst Halloween candies, candy corn is the least favorite candy in the country. The top ranked candy, they say, is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. 

Well, here at Create a Decal, we have folks who love candy corn and folks who hate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. And you know what, they all get along. 

Here are some other facts and figures related to candy for you to sink your teeth into:

  • Apparently, there’s a debate going on about how you should eat candy corn. Some folks actually looked into it and reported that the vast majority of people – 65 percent – eat the whole thing at one go; 29 percent say they start at the top and eating it layer by layer; and a select 7 percent start at the bottom and work their way up layer by layer. 
  • Candy corn was first made in the 1800s, when its three layered colors were a big deal.  
  • Oct. 30 is National Candy Corn Day. 
  • About 9 billion kernels of Candy Corn are sold annually, according to the National Confectioners Association.

Are we going to be printing stickers that say, “I Love Candy Corn”? No. But if somebody brings some candy corn to the break room here at Create a Decal, you can be sure it will be eaten.

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