Sticking with Avery Labels

Sticking with Avery Labels

Sticking with Avery Labels

An office supply store is a great place to learn about the evolution of stickers, which of course, require adhesives. And not just any adhesive, we might add. Stickers need a self-adhesive.

If you go to the envelop aisle at the office supply store, you’ll see that you have a choice between self-sticking envelopes and envelopes that require you to lick the flap in order to seal them. Obviously, asking people to lick bumper stickers or decals wouldn’t be practical. And can you imagine trying to lick a life-size decal?! 

The First Self-Sticking Stickers

Ray Stanton “Stan” Avery is credited with inventing the first self-adhesive label. He was worried about bumper stickers or clever decals you could put on a laptop. Avery’s idea was to create sticky price tags.  

Long before UPC codes came along, merchants had to have a way to let consumers know how much their products cost. Some stores used ink stamps to mark the price on items liked canned goods. Some retail settings used tags that could be tied on. Hand-written or printed signs that could be displayed provided an alternative to marking each item with the price. 

You might think of labels for mailings or file folders when think of Avery’s, but in the beginning, Mr. Avery made self-adhesive stickers that could be used as price tags. 

It all started in 1935. “The first Avery labels were simple, round price stickers. Stan Avery chose Kum Kleen Products as his original company name to advertise the ability of a self-adhesive label to be removed without leaving a mark,” the website for the company which is now known as Avery Dennison says.

Stan Avery was definitely on to something. In 1940, he had 19 employees. Today, Avery Dennison has operations in more than 50 countries around the world and employs more than 30,000 people.

Jennifer Hochman is the driving force behind Create Decal, which grew out of Sign A Rama Sunrise. We might not have as much experience as Avery Dennison, but we do have more than 19 years in the business of custom stickers and signs.

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