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Stick a Stamp On It

Did you know that postage stamps are among the earliest forms of stickers and decals? And did you know that you can use these little stickers printed by the Post Office to spread joy during a pandemic?

Algernon D’Ammassa believes that writing letters can help you through the Covid-19 pandemic. Writing in the Las Cruces Sun-News of New Mexico, he said, “The most famous excuse for not writing letters is, ‘I don’t have time.’ Well, a great many of us have time now.”

When was the last time you found a hand-addressed envelope waiting for you in your mailbox? Remember how it made you feel? Opening the mailbox to find something other than bills and junk mail is a truly delightful surprise.

“Whether we are fortunate enough to have a home stocked with jigsaw puzzles, games and books, privileged enough to have collections of DVDs or subscriptions for streaming movies, there is likely time now to write some letters,” D’Ammassa says. “Their value is more than many estimate.”

 If the idea of writing a letter and having to fill an entire page with words (egads!), buy some cards (when you go out wearing your face mask and following all proper social distancing guidelines). All you have to do is scribble a few little lines in the card and you will have the power to make someone’s day. You might even be able to do more than that. 

“At this writing, cities and states across the United States are on varying degrees of lockdown, with people directed to stay home as much as possible,” D’Ammassa said. “Seniors in nursing homes and inmates in prisons are cut off from visitors, but they can receive letters. A missive as humble as a paragraph jotted on an index card can make someone else’s day.” 

If you’re feeling brave and you want to take a stab at writing an actual letter, you could write about something funny you saw online or maybe even recommend a movie and then explain why you like it. 

And, when you’re done, put one of those self-stick stickers from the U.S. Post Office (we’re talking about a stamp, people) on the envelope and put your positivity out there.

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