Removing Stickers and Decals from Glass

Removing Stickers and Decals from Glass

Removing Stickers and Decals from Glass

It could be the old sticker that let you park in the parking lot of the company you worked for five years ago. Or maybe it’s just a stubborn price tag on your new picture frame. It doesn’t matter. You want it gone, and here at Create Decal we want to help you.

We turned to the helpful folks at Popular Mechanics, who just happen to have some awesome some tips on removing stickers and decals that you may want to try.

Removing Decals from Glass 

In most cases, you’ll want to turn to a solvent to remove your stubborn sticker. There are a number of different solvents that will work to break down adhesive properties.

“You can go in two directions,” the folks at Popular Mechanics say. “One is to use an oil. Vegetable oil is great; peanut butter is said to work, and some people swear by mayonnaise. Put the oil over the residue—for something thinner, like canola, soak a rag in it and lay it over the adhesive—let it sit for a about an hour, then wipe it off.”

What’s the other direction, you ask. Alcohol! There’s no need to pour your 10-year old scotch all over the sticker. Popular Mechanics suggests using good old rubbing alcohol or, “in a pinch, vodka.”

From there it’s pretty straightforward. “You can use more or less the same process as with the oil, but you shouldn’t have to wait very long—particularly with more powerful solvents,” they tell us.

Carfax adds to your options. “A razor blade can come in quite handy for removing unwanted decals from windows, never use one to remove a sticker on your car’s paint. Doing so can gouge and chip your vehicle’s finish,” they say. “Ditto nail polish remover. It can be effective for removing stickers on glass, but various chemicals found in most formulas, such as acetone, can harm or remove your car’s paint.”

Good luck! We know you can do it!

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