Design Your Decal: Color Theory, Part 3: Color harmony in action

printing stickers,Design Your Decal: Color Theory, Part 3: Color harmony in action

Design Your Decal: Color Theory, Part 3: Color harmony in action

When you have been printing stickers as long as we have here at Create Decal (we’ve been doing this almost 20 years), you see some interesting stickers. Oftentimes, it is the colors used in the design of the sticker that make it memorable – for both the right and the wrong reasons. 

Just as there are lots of different songs that are all harmonious, there are many different ways to achieve color harmony. Working with the color wheel, is a great way to get started if you are new to designing. 

Achieving Harmony Using the Color Wheel

As the website Color Matters says, two of the basic formulas designers use when looking for harmonious color combinations rely on the color wheel. You can create an appealing design for your stickers with: 

1 – The use of analogous colors

Refer to a tertiary color wheel and look at the way the colors that are next to each other create pleasing combinations. If you choose any three colors that are side-by-side – which can also be described as analogous – they will provide the basis for a beautiful design. As an example, you could choose blue-green, green and yellow-green for the decal you create. One of your three choices will by the dominant color in your design, the other two will play supporting roles. 

2 – The use of complementary colors

Again, refer to your color wheel. Colors which are directly opposite each other are considered complementary. If you are looking at a color wheel with secondary colors, you would be talking about yellow and purple, blue and orange, and red and green. You can find many more striking complementary shades when you look at more detailed color wheels. When you use a pair of complementary colors in your sticker design, it will add an interesting element of contrast to the design

For more advice on creating a decal that will make an awesome impression, just contact us.

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